Homeschooling Confessions

  Before I had kids I never once thought I would homeschool. Nor had I ever known anyone who homeschooled. I often think that we cannot possibly homeschool another year. We originally planned for me to be a stay-at-home mother for one year. Remember, homeschooling was never part of the plan! Twelve years later I […]

Freedom to Homeschool

By the time the 4th of July rolls around many of us are thinking more of beaches, baseball, picnics and fireworks than our freedom and independence. After putting up with last winter, we have every right. I often take for granted something we’ve always had; something many others may never experience. In America we have […]

The Homeschooled Sports Nut

My nine-year-old homeschooled son loves sports. I’d been feeling challenged with finding him homeschool learning opportunities that deal with sports, other than the sports themselves. I realized that time spent in sports provides chances to learn things like game rules, making new moves and social skills. But I was worried about him spending so much time moving […]

A Little Extra Care


A long time ago I met a girl who loved children. She loved everybody actually. We became close friends and later roommates for several years. She could be infuriatingly optimistic, seeing the good side of everybody and everything, almost to the point of ridiculousness. Or so I thought back then. When we were roommates she […]

What Does Homeschool Gym Class Look Like?


Sometimes I wonder why my homeschooled boys never want to attend gym class at the school. Our local K-8 has always welcomed homeschoolers for specials like gym, art and music. And both my sons have been very involved with after school sports and are friendly with the school kids in their age group. My daughter […]

Emily’s Art and the Neatness of Visuals


  Since my daughter has attended public school, with her brothers continuing to homeschool, I have missed her presence during the days. I also miss her art. Emily’s art has always been a large part of our home. There are always unfinished projects laying around and her bedroom walls are covered with her art. But with […]

Homeschool Blogging – Writing to Distraction

  I don’t know how other bloggers write. I imagine sitting in a quiet nook, alone, pondering homeschool moments and writing out my thoughts. As reality has it, I am now writing at my kitchen table, which is covered with books, pottery, seed packets, headbands, writing utensils, water bottles, Legos, workbooks and a cribbage board, […]

Battling Homeschool Burnout

If you’ve experienced one or more of these symptoms, you may be battling Homeschool Burnout! It’s nighttime and you’re finally laying your head down to sleep. You find this is the first opportunity you’ve had all day to wipe the sleep from your eyes. From the previous night. Within the last week you have, at […]

The Problem with Questions


I usually give my husband about two tenths of a second to answer my questions. After that I’m usually on to the next one. Why is it I need to have answers so fast?  Where did this expectation originate? If you remember being in school (for me it was a few years ago…), doing well depended […]