Wading in the Mainstream

Wading Mainstream shot of Emy

So we have created a cozy homeschooling environment for our family that sits off the mainstream. This is relatively easy to maintain when the kids are younger. But as they get older and their need for more social activity increases, we find ourselves mixing in more and more with ‘everybody else’. In our family this first happened through sports, but it can happen in almost any segment of life. Suddenly your secure homeschool world is laid bare to everyone. What exactly DO people think when you say you’re a homeschooler? You know they’re thinking something because often they’re not saying anything! It’s easy to say, “I don’t care what others think” but at this stage your kids are involved, too. After hanging out with the other 97% for a while it seems as though they’re just like us – families making tough decisions and working hard to raise kids in a challenging world. The more we touch each other’s lives. the more we can learn from them and about ourselves.

Mary Thibodeau-Gagnon

About Mary Thibodeau-Gagnon

Mary homeschools her two sons in a rural area of Maine, while her daughter goes to school. She strives to meet the needs of all her kids while maintaining her sanity.